Providing Opportunities, Increasing Vitality

CEBA's purpose is to provide the rural area of Kanab City and Kane County with access to educational, business, and entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby increasing economic vitality. The inspiration for CEBA came from former Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.’s Plan for Economic Revitalization for Utah.  CEBA addresses Point #9, which is: Energize Economic Development in Rural Communities. CEBA is a collaborative effort among Dixie State College of Utah, Kanab City, and Kane County.  CEBA implements national studies in economic development and integrates regional progress in conjunction with a metropolitan area.  In short, the purpose of CEBA is to “build a better community.”

CEBA Strategic Plan (pdf, 1mb)

"The Center for Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA) is an integral part of an economic development model which capitalizes on local assets and resources. CEBA is pivotal to achieving successful economic revitalization in Kanab and Kane County."   - Mayor Nina Laycook

CEBA’s goals for economic development and cultural appreciation efforts are directed by several guiding principles including:

Economic Diversity

• Creating new jobs through retention and expansion of existing businesses and attracting targeted, new industries will diversify the economy. 

Family-Sustaining Wages

• Increasing payroll wages allows residents to improve their quality of life and standards of living.

Targeted Economic Development

• Building on regional strengths and desires will lead to successful and direct development of the economy.

Year-Round Employment

• Consistent employment opportunities during all months of the year not just during the time of highest visitation “or the peak season” will result in a more stable economy.

Preservation of Culture and Heritage

• CEBA recognizes the need to include the area’s culture and heritage in future economic development efforts. Sensitivity to this need is a focal point in the CEBAIA strategy.

Historical Perspective

During 2007, citizens, business owners, government officials, educational institutions, and regional organizations gathered in Kanab, Utah for the purpose of exploring ways to assist, expand, and implement economic development planning efforts and enhanced arts and culture opportunities being conducted by local government and regional organizations.  These discussions resulted in a concept called the Center for Education, Business and the Arts or CEBA.

CEBA programming is designed to highlight the region’s diverse history and assets, allowing the community to demonstrate capabilities in areas such as:

Business Development and Entrepreneur Support

Arts and Culture

Digital Media

Physical and Life Science

Natural Resource Based Technologies

Animal Sciences



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