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News and Updates from Kane County, Utah

eSMART Science Camp
: Life Science

E-SMART-DSC Science Camp CEBA Scholarship Recipient


The Center of Education, Business, and the Arts (CEBA) has selected five Kane County girls to attend the first ever Girls Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Camp in southern Utah, scheduled for July 28-29, at Dixie State College (DSC) in St. George. Girls from Washington and Kane Counties are taking part in this educational event and this week CEBA continues to highlight and profile each girl from Kane County who is attending the camp. 

 One of these talented Kane County girls is Lindsay Livingston, who recently completed her 7th grade year at Kanab Middle School where she earned straight A’s in all her classes.  Lindsay enjoys math and states that “it’s always come naturally for her.” In addition to math class, reading and writing are two things she loves to do making English one of her favorite subjects. Lindsay has a passion and desire for music and she has already learned to play several instruments including the tuba, French horn, and piano. Playing numerous instruments has helped her appreciate the need to practice and she understands its importance for success in everything she seeks to accomplish.

 Lindsay also participates in a wide variety of activities such as running, biking, swimming, hiking, and spending time with her family. She has a great desire to learn new things and is curious about everything around her. Lindsay wants to participate in e-SMART science camp so she can explore and learn more about career opportunities in math and science fields. She hopes the camp will provide helpful information and experiences that will enable her to make correct educational and career choices. She is looking forward to having fun and making new friends during her time at science camp.

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