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Ragtime in America Performance
2/2/2011 : Arts & Culture

CEBA News: Ragtime in America Performance

Mimi Blais Ragtime in America Performance at Kanab High School

Mimi Blais gave a compelling performance of ragtime music at Kanab High School on Monday, January 31, with a free concert that was open to the public and co-presented by Dixie State College, the Center for Education, Business, and the Arts (CEBA) and Kanab High School. Students from Long Valley, Fredonia, and Kanab along with community members were able to participate in the assembly where Mimi Blais showcased her internationally renowned pianist ability with ragtime music.

“Ms. Blais has an incredible extraordinary talent and we are happy to have her share that talent with us” said Kanab High School Principal Doug Jacobs. Mimi was visiting southern Utah from her home in Montreal, Canada to conduct the master class/assembly and performance program in the Kanab High School Auditorium. Mimi Blais, known as the “Queen of Ragtime” completed her classical training at the Quebec Conservatory of Music and McGill University in Montreal. 

Her performance highlighted the origination of ragtime music – the melding of African rhythms and European melodies.  She explained how and why ragtime was the beginning of American popular music as we know it. Her career has been guided by passion and whim where classical, folk, jazz, modern, blues, tango, and ragtime all blend together. Her passion for ragtime music has led her to travel across the United States and Canada, and it has even taken her to Belgium, Hungary and Norway where she received one standing ovation after another.  The New York Times called her “an ace pianist.”

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