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Kanab High School Students Participate in Sports Broadcast Training
2/6/2011 : Digital Media

CEBA News: Kanab High School Students Participate in Sports Broadcast Training CEBA News: Kanab High School Students Participate in Sports Broadcast Training

Kanab High School Students Participate in Sports Broadcast Training 

Kanab High School (KHS) students were able to participate in the first ever sports broadcast training on January 28, 2011 with a special broadcast of the Kanab Cowboys vs. the Parowan Rams in Region 13 boys basketball action. Stan Everett led a group from the Dixie State College-Dick Nourse Center for Media Innovation,, the Center for Education, Business, and the Arts (CEBA) and Kanab High School (KHS) in a partnership to host the special training and broadcast. Everett and his crew showcased a trailer load of highly expensive and specialized broadcasting equipment to the KHS students including a tutorial on how to use the equipment in various functions required in producing a high quality live sports broadcast. Following the training and under the guidance of Everett and his crew the KHS students fulfilled all the essential positions needed to broadcast the basketball game. “The students did a remarkable job executing their roles with the broadcast and we look forward to traveling to Kanab for more broadcasting opportunities in the future.” remarked Stan Everett, Broadcast Communication Director at Dixie State College. 

The student’s involvement included executing everything from operating cameras, play by play announcing, and editing the live feed from the game to the broadcast trailer situated outside the KHS gym. Broadcast results of the Cowboy’s January 28, basketball game transmission against the Rams can be found online at the website “What a remarkable opportunity and experience for the students to be participants in and we appreciate the time and efforts of everyone involved to make the training successful” said Trevor Stewart, Counselor at Kanab High School. Voddov is focused on high quality video content, convenient access, a great user experience -- easy to use, tag and share, and free to use over and over. The Voddov Channel is a Video On Demand (VOD) service offering high school sports, college sports, civic and community events, concerts, specialty programming, and a variety of other user interest programming. Future broadcasting plans in Kanab with the VOD service includes the broadcast of a Kanab High Cowboys football game in the fall of 2011.

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