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Kanab Symposium Shovels Up Local Archaeology Highlights
8/15/2011 : Life Science

Kanab Symposium Shovels Up Local Archaeology Highlights

An archaeology community symposium was held on August 10th, at the Kanab Middle School with lead researchers giving two presentations concerning two significant archaeology digs in Kanab. Over 150 people attended the Symposium where local community members and others including archeologists and enthusiasts participated in the preconference activity for the Pecos Archeology Conference, a large gathering of archeologists which took place on the Kaibab Plateau from August 11th to August 14th.  

The first presentation was offered by lead Archeologist Heidi Roberts, who highlighted the excavated area, she and fellow researchers conducted at the reservoir site and significant findings in a PowerPoint presentation. Barbra Frank, a professor at Southern Utah University has been conducting her summer field school program with students with SUU students, followed with a presentation called “Kanab creek and beyond.” Both programs were of great interest to the crowd, and the presenters were happy with the amount of questions being asked during and after their presentations.  It was a great opportunity to help educate the community about the archeology programs and the rich history of Kanab and its surrounding areas. Independent Adventure Productions (IAP) crew was on hand filming the proceedings and conducting interviews with researchers for a documentary based on the archeological finds at the Jackson Flat Reservoir.

CEBA Chairperson Ed Meyer notes, “The Symposium was an excellent educational opportunity for the community and guests to be enlightened about the ancient community members living in this area long ago offering insight to their way of life.” 

The symposium was presented by the Center for Education, Business, and the Arts (CEBA), and made possible by the Kane County Water Conservancy District, Southern Utah University, IAP films, Kanab Archaeology Project, School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, Big Horn Archaeology, Kane County School District, engaged community members and the Pecos Archaeology Conference. Special thanks are given to Heidi and Barbra who braved the August unexpected heat in the middle school gym making remarkable updates to the local community on these two great projects and their findings.

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