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DocUtah Commons taking place September 15, 2:00 p.m. at Crescent Moon
8/31/2011 : Digital Media


Every year, DocUtah and the Center for Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA) sponsors the Commons involving viewing films selected to inspire thought about important issues relating to rural communities. This year’s Commons is entitled “Kabul to Kanab”. “Kabul to Kanab” is a unique opportunity to view several short films (approximately eight minutes each) by young filmmakers in Afghanistan. The young Afghan filmmakers were given digital cameras and free rein to film anything they wanted about the communities where they lived. The outcomes of their documentary film making efforts are poignant snapshots of life in a war torn nation. Following the films screenings, Michael Sheridan, the mastermind behind this marvelous project entitled “Fruit of their Labor” will join other aspiring local filmmakers competing in Kane County’s “Little Hollywood Shootout.”

The “shootout” is a quick turnaround digital media competition sponsored by CEBA and the winners of the competition will be announced later that evening. The filmmakers will be joined by Matt Brown, director of Kane County’s economic development office who has worked to establish a digital media laboratory staffed by students at Kanab High School. The panel will discuss the impact young filmmakers can have in addressing social and economic needs of their community and future plans to promote digital media in Kanab and Kane County. The panel discussion will be moderated by CEBA Chairperson Ed Meyer and is offered at no charge to attendees.


The Fruit of Our Labor


In November 2010 CSFilm (community supported films), completed an intensive 5-week training of 10 Afghans in documentary production. After three weeks of rigorous exercises, each student was required to develop and produce a character driven short documentary. The 10 remarkable films that they produced are grouped under the title The Fruit of our Labor. These stories bring to life Afghan’s efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions and provide a fresh perspective on the needs and issues of Afghans beyond the relentless battlefront coverage of western media.

“Transformative,” “Eye-opening and disturbing,” “The first time in ten years I’ve actually heard an Afghan’s voice.” Those are a few of the hundreds of viewer’s responses to The Fruit of Our Labor short-films. Michael Sheridan goes on to say that it has been a very rewarding few months. The films have created the kind of response we hoped for. They have helped Americans see another side of Afghanistan beyond the relentless battlefront coverage of the western media. These films allow Americans to understand more about who Afghans are, the challenges they face and the efforts they are making to move their lives, communities and country beyond its terrible past.  Understanding what Afghan civilians face should play an important part in our considerations of what our role should be in Afghanistan. There are very real humanitarian concerns beyond our interests to get our own troops out.

 Sheridan, an artist, filmmaker, and director of CSFilms explained that CSFilm’s goal, is to make the training and mentoring program in Afghanistan sustainable. This will include an ongoing cycle of teaching video production and post-production, proposal writing and business management, mentoring Afghans through the production of their own commissioned and independent films and the use of these films for public engagement locally and internationally.

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