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Cowboy Poetry Lariat Laureate Joins Dueling Poets
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Cowboy Poetry Lariat Laureate Joins Dueling Poets

Writers of the Purple Sage is pleased to announce Rod Miller, one of America’s greatest writers of Western Poetry, will be one of this year’s “dueling poets” participating in the poetry retreat on October 21, and October 22, at the Kanab Middle School. Born and raised in a small town in Utah, writer Rod Miller has lived in the West his entire life, mostly in Utah, with time spent in south central and southeastern Idaho and western Nevada. He grew up among horses and cattle in a cowboy family. For several summers he rode in PRCA rodeos around the West and worked behind the chutes and as chute boss for a rodeo stock contractor.

More than 100 of Miller’s poems have appeared in print in publications including American Cowboy, Western Horseman, Range Magazine,  Roundup Magazine, Cowboy magazine, the Denver Post, and Elko Daily Free Press. Rod also spent a year as Guest Editor for Poetry for American Cowboy magazine. A regular contributor to the world’s largest cowboy poetry web site, , Rod won the Lariat Laureate Award and was named a Finalist for the award three times. In addition to his poems on the site, you’ll find a number of popular essays on the art and craft of writing cowboy poetry.

Miller has also published the non-fiction books John Muir: Magnificent Tramp and Massacre at Bear River—First, Worst, Forgotten; the Western novel Gallows for a Gunman; and a historical novel, The Assassination of Governor Boggs. Several of his short stories have been published including A Border Dispute, finalist for the Western Writers of America Spur Award. For more information about Writers of the Purple Sage visit http://www.cebakanecounty or call Kelly Stowell at (435) 899-0443. 

A Bolt of Broomtails

By Rod Miller

Across alkali flat and sandhill, 

Over the sage-covered plain

The mesteñada flows like fabric, 

Dancing ahead of its dusty train. 

              chestnut, claybank,
                  coyote dun,
               buckskin, black,
               blue roan, bay,
              piebald, palomino,
                  pinto, paint,
              grulla, ghost white,
                  dapple gray 

Rippling in the morning light 

The hues shimmer and shift;

Mustangs run as colored threads

Through the warp and weft.  

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