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Beloved Pig Poet Recital on Friday
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CEBA News: Beloved Pig Poet Recital on Friday

Beloved Pig Poet Recital on Friday

Writers of the Purple Sage is honored beloved poet David Lee will be participating in this year’s retreat.  His poems are typically rooted in rural America and often reflect his love of pigs.  His recitals are an event his fans travel hundreds of miles to enjoy.  Regarding his recitals, Lee once said, "I don't consider myself a performance poet. I don't bring a wash-tub out and do a rub-a-dub routine on stage. That sounds like `The Gong Show.' However, 25 years ago I didn't like the way poetry readings were being done. The poets would read, the audience would go `hmmmm' and not understand a thing. I believe that a poetry reading should be an event. Things should `cook' a little bit. When poetry gets too far away from the heart, it suffers.”

Born in west Texas, David Lee is the author of numerous poetry collections. Lee has been a boxer, pig farmer, seminary student, cotton mill worker, and the only white baseball player for a Negro League team. He received a PhD in literature, with a concentration in the poetry of John Milton, from the University of Utah.  Lee explores the interaction of humans and the natural world in his poetry, depicting rural landscapes and lives and often employing a rural American dialect.

David Lee has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He won the Mountains & Plains Booksellers Award in Poetry and the Western States Book Award in Poetry. The first poet laureate of Utah, Lee received the Utah Governor’s Award for lifetime achievement in the arts. He taught for many years at Southern Utah State University. 


Read just a portion of his poem “Separating Pigs” and you will see why you will enjoy this Friday evening at 6:30 during his recital at the Kanab Middle SchoolHere's a portion of his poem, "Separating Pigs":

That one's going to be hard to catch
I can tell you now for a fact
he's one the fastest pigs
I ever seen
we'll have to get him in a corner
there he goes
get that othern, right there

I wish I could find me a track
and race him
we'd win us some money
but it ain't one around here
State Legislature wouldn't let us
race pigs anymore'n bet on horses
if they thought we's enjoying it

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