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Kanab High Students and City Council Recognized at State Capitol
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CEBA News: Kanab High Students and City Council Recognized at State Capitol

Kanab High Students and City Council Recognized at State Capitol


Kanab High School and Kanab’s 1912, all women city council were recognized on Friday, January 27, during the annual rural day at the Utah Legislature. Nearly 40 students participated with the Express singing group and their instructors who accompanied the group from Kanab. The students were highlighted at the channel 2 KUTV News morning show before performing for both the House of Representatives and Senate at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City. Both Utah Legislative bodies also honored the Nation’s first all women city council and mayor with a Joint Citation presented by Representative Mike Noel in the House and Senator Ralph Okerlund in the Senate.


“What a fabulous day and a remarkable educational experience,” remarked Kanab High principal Doug Jacobs. “It was great to highlight our talented students to the rest of Utah and the unique accomplishments of the council 100 years ago,” remarked Jacobs.


The joint citation was read into the Legislative books and presented by the law makers to the original 1912, council all who appeared in period accurate dress attire who made the guest appearance along side current Kanab City Mayor Nina Laycook who accepted the citation. The women were part of the first all-woman city council, who took office a century ago in January 1912, eight years before women in the U.S. were allowed the right to vote.


The Kanab group also met with Governor Gary Herbert in the Gold Room of the Capitol, where the original council re-enacted a vignette addressing issues of the times to the Governor, his staff and a gathered crowd of people. The re-enactment was the featured news story on Fox 13 news on the evening of Friday, January 27. 


Kanab City Mayor Nina Laycook joined the original council at the Capitol, consisting of Joyce Rhodes who played the part of Mary E. Woolley Chamberlain, Linda Alderman as Luella Maude Atkin McAllister, Deanna Glover was Vinnie Farnsworth Jepson, Judy Habbeshaw as Tamar Stewart Hamblin, Dickie Robinson as Sarah Blanche Robinson Hamblin, and Nayna Christensen as Ada Pratt Segmiller who were honored as part of the Rural Utah Day at the Legislature.


Video of the students and the honorary citation to the 1912, council activities and proceedings of the 2012, Utah Legislature can be found online at either of the following links at or at

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