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Healing Arts Exhibit Features Artist Aimee Bonham
4/26/2013 : Arts & Culture

CEBA News: Healing Arts Exhibit Features Artist Aimee Bonham

Healing Arts Exhibit Features Artist Aimee Bonham 


Aimee Bonham, recipient of a Zion’s Bank Business of Art grant, is the featured artist for the April-May 2013, Healing Arts Exhibit at the Kane County Hospital. A reception will be held on Friday, April 26, to open the display starting at 4:30 p.m. in the lobby of the hospital. Bonham, a resident of Washington County, currently serves as the Coordinator for the Kayenta Street Painting Festival, and also as a Drawing Teacher at Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts.


Aimee explained about her exhibit, “the works in this show are inspired by organic imagery and more specifically seed pods. The vessel containing the seeds of a plant or the pod evolves and may continue to open as the seed grows.” She went on to say, “some works in this show maintain the obvious and recognizable pod-like shapes throughout; however, other paintings which began with seed pods lose the obvious imagery and becomes diminished into the still, very organic wood-panel painting.”


The exhibit is on display throughout May, and is open to the public during regular hospital hours. The display is presented by the Center for Education, Business, and the Arts (CEBA), Dixie State University, Kanab Arts Council, Zion’s Bank, and the Kane County Hospital.


Due to the generosity of Zion’s Bank, who provided grants awarded to a number of southern Utah artists, small business owners and art educators attending the annual Business of Art Seminar, held each November in Kanab.


Scott Anderson, President and CEO of Zion’s Bank, presented the awards at the Business of Art Seminar. Anderson highlighted the impact the event had on the attendees, who came from all over Utah and neighboring states, to not only learn about creating art, but also the business of art, and how both can help the economy. In order to build an enduring platform for economic success in Utah, both business and the arts must have an opportunity to flourish, and the additional funding provided by Zion’s Bank has helped take those opportunities to the next level.


“The arts are not only to entertain and business is not only to make a profit,” Anderson stated at the Business of Art. “The arts incarnate the creativity of a free people, and creativity is the juice that drives business differentiation and success. This, in turn, enriches our community, bolsters our economy, creates new jobs, and makes our lives richer and better.”


The annual Business of Art Seminar for visual artists in all disciplines is presented by Dixie State University and CEBA in an effort to educate artists and enhance their business skills. This free seminar features an exciting schedule of classes and workshops, presented by knowledgeable professionals from throughout Utah.

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