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Jacob Hamblin days will celebrate culture, heritage and beauty of southern Utah
6/6/2013 : Announcements

CEBA News: Jacob Hamblin days will celebrate culture, heritage and beauty of southern Utah

Jacob Hamblin days will celebrate culture, heritage and beauty of southern Utah

KANAB, Utah — Celebrate the beauty and history of southern Utah at Kanab’s 2013 Jacob Hamblin Days, Wednesday, June 12 through Saturday, June 15.

Named after one of southern Utah’s early, most influential settlers, “Jacob Hamblin Days is a celebration of the heritage of southern Utah,” says Kelly Stowell, director of Kanab’s Center for Education, Business and the Arts.

That heritage combines southern Utah’s rich American-west cowboy recent past, integrated with its more ancient—and stunningly beautiful—geology and landscape.

It’s a heritage that will come alive during Jacob Hamblin Days with rodeos, horse rides, ATV rides, and other events including an essay contest on the theme, “My Favorite Kane County Character.”

For many, one those favorite characters is the festival’s namesake, Jacob Hamblin. He was one of the men who made life in southern Utah possible by improving relations between early pioneer settlers and the native Indians in the area. The sign in front of his historic home describes him as a “pioneer explorer, missionary trailblazer and Indian peacemaker.” A friend to the Indians, Hamblin eased tensions between them and white settlers.

“He essentially shaped life in southern Utah affecting our lives today. We want to celebrate that,” Stowell says.

But that’s not the only reason for Jacob Hamblin Days.

“We’ll take any excuse to go out into the hills and explore and get in touch with our roots and nature,” Stowell adds, referring to the ancient roots of the very earth itself — the awe-inspiring natural beauty that is displayed throughout Kane County.

That beauty includes White Pockets, an intriguing geologic feature in which red rock is swirled together with white rock, “like an enormous marble cake,” one visitor has commented. ATV riders on Friday, June 14, will ride to White Pockets, surely to marvel at the natural wonder.

“White Pockets epitomizes all that is epic. It is one of the coolest places ever,” Stowell says.

But Buckskin Gulch isn’t bad either. That’s where the Back Country Horseman of Kane County will be taking riders on a journey that same day. Buckskin Gulch is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the southwest United States, and, at 21 miles long, may very well be the longest in the world. Riders will ride only a few miles of it though, on a ride estimated to last about four hours.

Jacob Hamblin Days also harks back to the roots of the area’s horse-and-cowboy culture. What better way to do that than with two rodeos, one for youth, and one for adult cowboys? And cowgirls won’t be left out either, with a women’s team sorting event as well

The Bureau of Land Management will hold a wild horse adoption in conjunction with the festival on June 14 and 15. Approximately 30 wild horses, ages 1 to 3 years old will be offered for adoption, selected from among Utah’s own wild herds. Twelve burros will also be up for adoption. Adoptions will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Throughout, there will be food, music and other entertainment, including a recital and awards ceremony for the “My Favorite Kane County Character” essay contest, open to public school students from elementary grades through high school.

More information on all of these events, including registration and fee information, is available at http://, or by contact Kelly Stowell by phone at 435-899-0443, or by email at

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