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Business of Art Workshops Taking Place the Week of November 8
11/1/2013 : Arts & Culture

Business of Art Pre Conference Workshop by Craig & Renon Hulet

Some individuals have indicated that they have hesitated to register for the pre-conference workshop (Wednesday through Friday) next week because of the cost. We are trying to provide as much education and availability to the arts community as possible and so we wanted to make you aware that a few scholarships are available to attend the workshop at no charge. If you or someone you know is interested in attending but the cost is prohibitive for you we encourage you to contact Craig Hulet at 801-939-3779, ( and talk with him to see if you qualify for a scholarship. Preference will be given to those who have attend the Business of Art conferences in the past.

Wouldn’t it be great if every individual in every organization took the initiative and completed all tasks without complaining or blaming someone or something outside of themselves?

Unfortunately life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. However, success leaves clues! If we are willing to learn from other people’s experiences we’re on our way to becoming more successful and making a greater contribution to our organizations and mankind in general.

It has been said that success in life is a lot like a “connect the dots” game. Many great people have gone before us leaving clues about how to replicate their success. All we have to do is connect the dots.Success Principles, Laws and Virtues are UniversalYou can take the guess work out of almost any issue or pressing problem by pinpointing specific principles relating to them. Then, by understanding and applying the correct principles, a compelling life will unfold before you.

There are proven success principles that have helped catapult leading achievers to the pinnacle of their careers. However, most individuals never identify or embrace those same principles which will propel their own lives and organizations to higher levels. That’s where Craig Hulet Associates comes in.

If you are interested in having the type of individual employees that have an unshakable belief in themselves … tackle daily challenges better… live with passion and purpose … stay on track with goals…  achieve more, faster and build a better team at the office, you need to explore and engage the programs we offer.Achieve Greater Personal and Organizational Success In our experiential workshops we teach step-by-step proven success principles that have helped propel individuals, and in turn companies, to higher levels of achievement.

We teach principles that make for better leaders and better communicators. We encourage change by creating powerful new habits that can bring astonishing opportunities and extraordinary results.

Our workshops involve mental and written exercises that help integrate new thinking, attitudes and behaviors into compelling new lives. As individuals gain greater insight and understanding their efforts in the organization improve.

Workshops include: Foundational Principles to Success; Key Areas of Life; The Power of the Mind; Having a Vision; The Power and Difference of Goal Setting and Goal Achieving; Releasing the Brakes, Creating Affirmations; The Power of Visualization; Dealing with Incompletes and Messes; Talking and Listening is Not Communicating; Taking and Sustaining Action; Knowing What Separates Those Who Achieve Goals from Those Who Don’t; Overcoming Weaknesses That Can Sabotage Goals; Being In Gratitude and Having Heart Talks.

If any of this intrigues you, call us today at 801-747-9486. Let’s discuss your desires and the needs of your organization!


The annual Business of Art Seminar is for visual artists in all disciplines. It is presented by Dixie State University and CEBA in an effort to educate artists and enhance their business skills. This seminar features an exciting schedule of classes and workshops, presented by knowledgeable professionals from throughout Utah. 

The fee is $15 and can be paid as artists register online. Registration steps are below.

Dixie State University, in St. George Utah, Cultural Arts Department, developed and sponsors this event as a community outreach program in collaboration with The Center for Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA) – a regional economic development organization in Kane County.  Other sponsors include: Southwest Applied Technology College, the Kane County Office of Tourism, Kanab City, and Southern Utah University. Kathy Cieslewicz, DSU Curator, originated the program and facilitates the event; and the Thunderbird Foundation Maynard Dixon Home and Gallery. Paul and Susan Bingham, owners of the Maynard Dixon Gallery serve as honorary founding co-chairs.

Current posts and information are also available on Facebook.

STEPS TO REGISTER Business of Art registration link has been confusing for some individuals because it requires a number of steps which we hope to consolidate in the future. However, if you are planning on attending this years conference on the 8 and 9 of November and have not registered and/or received a receipt here are the steps you need to go through to register.

1. Go to and fill out the registration form and follow the instructions.2. Click the "Continue to Checkout" red box at the bottom.3. You will be sent to the DSU Community Education page where you have to click the blue button that says, "Continue as Guest." DO NOT click the blue "Register" button.4. From the "Continue as Guest" button you will be taken to the Community Education  "Select Method of Payment" page where you will choose to either pay by credit or debit card (it will add $0.41 to the $15.00 charge for a total of $15.41) or pay by electronic check (no surcharge). You choose one of the methods and then click the blue "Continue Checkout."5. You will now be taken to either a page to enter your credit or debit card information or a page to enter your checking information depending on your previous choice. This is a secure page on You enter the required information there and then click the blue "Continue Checkout." If you are paying by credit or debit card it will take you to a new page so that you can acknowledge that you are paying an extra service charge by using a card. Click "Continue Checkout" there.6. The next page will be a confirmation page for you to review your payment information. The item selected will be "Community Education" and the information will have your credit card, debit card or checking number with just the last 4 digits shown. You then click the blue "Submit Payment" button.7. It will then take you to another page that says, "Transaction Approved" with a receipt number. An email will be generated to the address you registered at and from this page you can send an email to another address and/or view a printable receipt.

Please note that if you have not completed all the steps through to step 7 you will not be registered. If you have not received an email confirming your registration you are not registered.

You can also call the office and register over the phone if you would prefer that method. Call 435-652-7675.

Thank you for your patience and support. We are excited about the upcoming conference and look forward to seeing you there. We encourage you to review the pre-conference workshop at We expect it to be enlightening, educational and a fun learning experience. Registration there is relatively straight forward and easy using a credit card or PayPal.

We're excited about next week and look forward to seeing you there.

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